TPN provides services not only to commercial banks, but also to entities such as the South African Reserve Bank. Due to its achievements in the property market, TPN has diversified its services to schools and other businesses. Its tools, which include credit checks, employee screening, and affordability scorecards, have made it a leader in the education sector by ensuring timely fee collections and effective risk management.

TPN is a trusted partner with innovative solutions and a strong commitment to compliance and cybersecurity, serving over 23,000 clients.

Our success is our commitment to our clients, empowering industries to make better decisions by accessing better data

Dedicated to impact

Our clients and their needs are at the core of all we do. Collecting, processing and securing the highest quality and most comprehensive profiling capability and data sets give our clients the peace of mind to focus on growing their business.

Open and Connected

The interconnected nature of our world facilitates seamless integration and access to our vast repository of consumer and business information. With over 43 platform integrations, we espouse the value and convenience of being open and connected. Our ecosystem allows for the accurate and secure collection of vast quantities of data, whilst making distribution and access simple and easy.

Driven by technology

We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class technology that seamlessly integrates into your business needs. Our advanced systems are inspired and designed to serve critical industries. Our commitment to innovation ensures that you stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving data and digital landscape.

TPN Credit Bureau is part of MRI Software, the global leader in property management technology. MRI’s comprehensive and flexible technology platform coupled with an open and connected ecosystem meets the unique needs of our TPN clients.

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TPN Timeline

About TPN - 2022


MRI Software, a global leader in real estate software solutions, acquires TPN Group to enhance the company’s local presence while allowing TPN clients to gain access to enhanced capabilities and greater business reach.

About TPN - 2022


TPN launches eSign and eSignPlus, products which enable electronic signatures on TPN Toolkits and allow for document customisation.

About TPN - 2021


TPN launches its biometric facial recognition products which can be further used to prevent fraud. Also launches DataWeb and SafeSend for internal POPI compliance.

About TPN - 2020


TPN launches the POPI-Portal to help small businesses, specifically property practitioners and schools, become POPIA compliant through a simple guided process.

About TPN - 2019


TPN launches a new asset management product ReportKIT. Investor and property valuation reports are available to all estate agents and landlords. TPN integrates into DHA (Department of Home Affairs) to provide RSA ID verifications with photo to market to reduce fraud, and PURQ for online qualification verifications.

About TPN - 2017


TPN purchases a full copy of the deeds database and begin building a valuation model dedicated to the rental market.

About TPN - 2016


TPN starts monitoring the credit profiles of all tenants on its database, for free, to all customers who perform TPN RentCheck enquiries.

About TPN - 2015


TPN RentCheck and credex scorecard is launched. Together they deliver the most comprehensive tenant credit assessment to the rental market.

About TPN - 2011


TPN releases Residential LeasePack, including application form, inspection forms, resolutions, mandates and much more in a single document pack.

About TPN - 2010


TPN launches the first free property management system, RentBook, allowing agents and landlords to invoice their tenants and easily collect their rent.

About TPN - 2009


TPN launches only free property listing portals, RentBay and PropBay, allowing landlords and estate agents to list their property for rent or for sale.

About TPN - 2007


TPN creates the first tenant rental payment profiles database in the world allowing landlords and estate agents to view tenants’ behavioral history.

About TPN - 2006


TPN registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCRCB08) to become a registered credit bureau. TPN services are fully complaint with the NCA.

About TPN - 2004


TPN integrates with Experian, the largest international credit bureau profiling consumers and businesses in South Africa.

About TPN - 2002


TPN purchases the full CIPC database and begins profiling businesses for the largest commercial funds and landlords in the country.

About TPN - 2001


TPN integrates with TransUnion (formerly ITC), an international credit bureau profiling consumers and businesses in South Africa.

About TPN - 2000


TPN opens it doors with the focus of creating a shared online database to benefit all property managers and landlords by identifying delinquent tenants.