Mitigate risk

Access better data to select better quality applicants and vendors.

Improve cash flow

Collect payments faster with proven collection tools

Remain compliant

Simplify legal compliance throughout your organisation

Support decision making and unleash your cash flow potential

Navigating all of the challenges associated with running a business can be stressful. Not only is it of key importance to find the right employees, vet them and provide the correct legal documentation but it’s an ongoing process to ensure that your customer bills are paid in full and collected on time. Any issues with collections require careful legal consideration and understanding complicated credit scores is often difficult.

By accessing specialised profiling through TPN Credit Bureau, you will be able to screen debtors and vendors to mitigate risk, verify employee history and qualifications and upgrade your human resources documentation to remain compliant with the latest requirements in labour law. Get unlimited expert legal advice and support from the TPN Legal Team at a price you can afford and get back to running your business stress free.

Select the best applicant or vendor for your business

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Applicant or vendor vetting

TPN Credit Bureau’s 8-in-1 SmartCheck provides a credit profile that includes an affordability assessment, traditional credit payment information, employment history, higher education qualifications through PURQ and our unique debtor payment profile to indicate a higher risk of poor service delivery or collections.  

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Identity verification

Combat identity theft and block fraudulent documents from slipping through in an application. Confirm whether an applicant is who they say they are by comparing a live photo with the Department of Home Affairs with real time Identity Biometrics. Recent amendments to the Financial Intelligence Act have placed an additional onus on businesses to verify the accuracy of collected documents with a third party.  

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Verified online bank statements (VOBS)

Eliminate the need for supporting documents by making it easier for clients to apply and harder for chancers to commit fraud. Verify an applicant’s income and their actual expenditure. Request 6 months’ bank statements directly from the applicant’s bank on the secure TPN Verified Online Bank Statements platform.  

TPN SmartCheck®

TPN payment behaviour
TransUnion credit information
Verified employment data
Credit repayment profile
Deeds data on property ownership
Affordability check
Directorship and CPIC data
Qualifications on file

Change the way debtors prioritise your payments

Payment collection

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Payment collection

Kick your collections off correctly with a legally compliant Letter of Demand that has an impressive impact on debtor payment behaviour.  

Move forward knowing that courts across South Africa accept TPN Letters of Demand and TPN Letters of Cancellation as binding documents for all legal action.  

Send your Letters of Demand via registered post, SMS and email directly from the TPN system.  

Load a Negative Listing on the credit bureau at no cost. Negative Listings motivate debtors to settle their outstanding payments by lowering their credit score and making it difficult to transact with another business without settling their debt first.  

Debtor payment profile

TPN Residential Property

Debtor payment profile

Provide a powerful incentive for debtors to make account payments by rewarding positive payment behaviour with an improved credit record. Activate monthly SMS messages from TPN Credit Bureau to inform your debtors whether their credit profile has been positively or negatively affected by their latest payment – a free service that has changed the payment behaviour of hundreds of thousands of debtors.  

The TPN Debtor Payment Profile is an indication of how a debtor’s account is paid. There are five Payment Profile flags: 

Debtor Risk Monitor

TPN Residential Property

Debtor Risk Monitor

Understand the real risk of your debtors for non-payment by viewing their Debtor Risk Monitor on the TPN System. Debtors are actively monitored monthly to empower you with up-to-date information on current risks right on your own dashboard.

Proactively identify debtors that are at risk of non-payment.  

View individual risk profiles to select the most suitable collection tool.  

Make the right decision when it is time to renew a contract.  

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Easily comply with the latest in legal requirements