TPN Commercial LeasePack® Overview

Access the most utilised lease agreement in South Africa

commercial lease agreements

Lease agreement, mandate and addendum templates included:

CPA and Non-CPA

Industrial Lease Agreement

Retail Lease Agreement

Retail Turnover Addendum


Procurement Mandate

Alternative Income Lease

Storage Leases

Suretyship Agreements

FICA Forms

Access over 42 documents to cover all legal requirements and secure your commercial property investments.

eSign enabled, view and sign agreements electronically on any device. Automate the signature process between tenants, landlords and managing agents.

commercial lease agreements

More about this product

Commercial LeasePack, curated and regularly updated by TPN’s panel attorneys, equips subscribers with vital documentation essential for leasing commercial properties to individuals or companies. The pack includes Leases, Mandates, Deeds of Surety, Resolutions, and more, ensuring legal alignment with the latest requirements for a successful contractual relationship. 

Simplifying the commercial leasing landscape, the comprehensive set of document templates offers the required legal protections, making it a prudent business practice in the competitive commercial leasing environment to have up-to-date, legally compliant documentation for a smoother and more secure leasing process.

TPN Commercial LeasePack® user benefits

Download free document updates

Expert legal advice and support when a dispute arises

Free electronic signatures and secure digital document storage

Customise documents with company branding (Word version only)

Free legal training resources and webinars

TPN eSign is a document management solution designed to enable you to receive, view and sign your TPN agreements electronically on any device from anywhere.

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What are the benefits of eSign?

  • Signatures are secure and traceable through two-factor authentication
  • eSign is completely free to PDF and Word subscribers of the TPN Packs
  • Brand documents with your unique company logo, free to Word subscribers
  • Create a direct link to the document from your property listing
  • Stay updated with real-time status updates on your documents
  • Create an unlimited number of documents to send for signature

The product is available in Word and writable PDF versions.

This is an annual subscription that renews in the 13th month, and monthly charges apply from the renewal date. Click here to read the terms and conditions.