Community Schemes compliance deadline for new POPI guidelines – 10 May 2023

CSOS introduces new guidelines for protecting personal information in community schemes. On 10 November 2022, The Community Scheme Ombud Service released a Practice Directive on the protection of personal information.

This directive aims to provide clear and concise guidance to community schemes on how they should handle personal information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, the Community Scheme Ombud Service Act and the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act.

The key provisions of the Practice Directive include:

  • Legal obligations,
  • Developing a POPIA Manual,
  • Appointing an Information Officer, and
  • Implementing a POPI Compliance Framework.

The deadline for compliance is 10 May 2023, so community schemes should take this seriously and take action steps to become compliant as soon as possible. For more on the specific requirements, read the full POPI-Portal Update here:

The TPN POPI-Portal is an all-inclusive solution to ensure community schemes meet POPIA requirements that is easy to navigate and accessible through the TPN Shop today.

To download the POPI-Portal, click here:

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