Demanding times call for Dual Mandates

When demanding times come calling, extraordinary measures are employed by property practitioners. Where a seller opts for an Open Mandate to find a buyer quicker, it is often a buyer who is likely to be under qualified and who will offer a purchase price substantially below what the seller is asking.

Quick action from the property practitioner may avoid this scenario by offering the seller a different mandate agreement they can enter into, namely a Dual Mandate. Click HERE to watch the video for the benefits of Dual Mandates:

The TPN SalesPack has been updated with a newly drafted Dual Sole and Exclusive Mandate specifically to assist with a quicker sale for the property owner and to offer the property practitioner an increased opportunity to earn commission, while maintaining exclusivity.

Click HERE to read the full SalesPack Update for June 2022 

Vacancy Survey Report Q4 2023

The many challenges currently facing consumers, including the increased cost of living, has benefited the residential property investor and the various industries that support the overall residential rental market ecosystem. Rentals continue to grow,…

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