Huur Gaat Voor Koop – 5 critical questions answered

What exactly is ‘Huur Gaat Voor Koop’? How do you protect your property investment and specifically your Offer to Purchase documents or your Lease Agreements … and what happens to the deposit?

Peter Mennen, Head of Legal at TPN, covers the protective measures that you can put in place and the 5 most critical questions asked on ‘Huur Gaat Voor Koop’ in TPN Legal Training:

  1. What does ‘Huur Gaat Voor Koop’ mean?
  2. Does ‘Huur Gaat Voor Koop’ impact the terms and conditions of a lease agreement?
  3. What happens to the deposit on transfer of the property?
  4. What are the seller and buyer’s rights when the principle is applied?
  5. Are there lease termination rights available to the owner?
Watch the video here: 

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