PPRA FAQ’s – All your questions answered

As the industry adapts to the new PPRA legislation and the regulations governing it, more and more questions are arising where clarity is desperately needed. We were honoured to be joined by Deli Nkambule, the Acting CEO of the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority, in an insightful TPN Webinar on the process of on boarding property practitioners.

Watch the TPN PPRA Processes and Policies Webinar here:

Each segment of the property industry has its own regulations and educational requirements. To better understand these, and the specific action points required from you as a property practitioner, auctioneer, attorney or developer, we compiled a PPRA FAQ Page with answers supplied directly by the Acting CEO of the PPRA after the webinar.

Some of the questions that you will receive answers to:

  • Will there be exemptions for agents that have been in the industry for longer than 10 years?
  • In practical terms, how does the Mandatory Disclosure Form affect rentals?
  • With a 3-year FFC, are annual audit requirements also every 3 years?
  • Does the seller need a FFC if they are selling their own property?
  • Can a developer sell his own properties?
  • What do you need to do to get a Fidelity Fund Certificate?

And, many more!

To download the PPRA FAQ Page, click here.
One of the most important documents highlighted in our discussions with the PPRA is the Mandatory Disclosure Form. Essentially, you cannot live without one as a property practitioner! If you still need a disclosure form to fulfil the new legislative requirements set out by the Property Practitioners Act, download the TPN Mandatory Disclosure Form in the LeasePack here.

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