Sharp decline in National Vacancies

We are pleased to share the latest TPN Vacancy Survey Results for 2022 Q1 with you, and introduce you to our new look and format.

The findings point towards a residential rental market that seems to have turned the corner, with improved occupancy rates in most provinces and a return to rental escalations after a challenging two years. Rental returns are not yet out of the woods, though, as increased supply is still competing with a weak demand.

The expectation is that prime, high demand areas will achieve above average rental growth, while other areas of the rental market will see higher levels of vacancies due to either high supply or a lack of demand that is linked to the unusual economic stressors of the times.

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TPN Vacancy Survey Report Q1 2024

Residential rental vacancies in South Africa have reached historic lows, with the national vacancy rate decreasing to 4.42% in the first quarter of 2024, the lowest level since 2016. This trend is driven by high interest rates making homeownership un…

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