The end of the property paper wars

Why are Lease Agreements printed, signed and scanned so many times they become unreadable? Why does the real estate market not use electronic signatures? There is no reason to wonder anymore! We are delighted to have developed the perfect solution, TPN eSign.

The beauty of eSign is that you can create Application Forms and Lease Agreements to be signed electronically, track who opens the application, who starts the application and who completes the application. And that means … leads, glorious leads to follow up on.

With two factor authenticated electronic signatures, we can finally let go of the struggle of document disputes and lost documents, and step into the digital world of paperless contracting.

For a full demonstration, watch the magic of eSign in action:

TPN eSign FAQ’s:

How do I access the TPN electronic signature solution?

You have to be a current member of TPN and have purchased the Residential LeasePack. Then, log onto the TPN Shop, select ‘My Products’, ‘Residential LeasePack’ and select the eSign logo next to the document that you would like to send electronically.

Alternatively, you can log into and enter your TPN Shop login information.

What is the TPN electronic signature solution?

TPN eSign is an online platform that allows you to send documents for electronic signatures and manage documents sent to and from your clients, in one easy to use place. Your clients will be able to sign and return the documents using their mobile phone or any device with a browser. There is no more hassle of printing documents, signing them, scanning them and only then sending them back.

Can I track who has viewed the documents, who has received an email to sign, and who has signed?

Yes, if you log onto the TPN Shop and select ‘Retrieve your eSign documents’ this will pull up all the documents you have sent – the status column shows who has signed or not signed as well as whether the email link has been sent. If you would like further information, click ‘view’ on the document and on the left-hand navigation, select ‘activity’ – it will show who has viewed the document or signed it. If there has been no activity, it will remain blank.

Will I be notified when documents have been signed?

Yes, you will receive a notification via email after each signature on the document has been completed, alternatively logging into ‘Retrieve your eSign documents’ or ‘Main Menu’ once on the eSign screen will show the status of all your documents at a glance.

When I download the document into PDF, there is no initial on each page. Is that a problem?  

It is not a legal requirement to initial every page. By using this platform, you are assured that the party has agreed to the entire document.

Do the documents need witness signatures?

It is not a legal requirement that a witness sign the documents. A witness purely witnesses the signature of the document and not the content. Through the two phase authentication method, you are assured that the correct party has signed the entire lease agreement.

Can you edit anything on the document once it has been signed?

No, no edits may be made on the signed document by the tenant, landlord or agent. If you need to edit you would need to create a new document with the newly agreed information captured which would then need to be signed by each party.

Can signatories see the details of other signatories? For example, the tenant can see the landlord’s email address and cell phone number?

No, only the person who sets up the document can see the signatory details. In the above example, the tenant would be able to see the name the landlord used to sign the form, but no contact details.

How many tenants can I add to one lease agreement?

The system will allow you to add as many tenants as needed.

Would each agent in a company need to have their own login to be able to access the documents?

Yes, each agent would need their own login.

Can you start a document now and save for completion later?

Yes, you can exit the document and come back and continue using the ‘edit’ button on the document created.

Are we adding electronic signatures to the other packs?

Yes, we are adding eSign to the Commercial LeasePack and the HR-Pack. We are however not adding it to the SalesPack as an Offer to Purchase cannot be signed electronically.

Can you access the platform using a mobile device?

Yes, it is fully compatible with most mobile devices.

Can we use electronic signatures with an Offer to Purchase?

No, you cannot. Section 13 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (detailing electronic signatures) does not apply to the Alienation of Land Act.

Can we do a credit check directly off an Application Form?

We are hoping to be able to take this live in a future phase of eSign.

Can I use this link directly on a property rental advert?

Yes, copy and paste the URL received on the setup form onto your advert and anyone will be able to click the link and apply to rent the property.

Can you export the information on applications into another database?

At a future stage we will definitely allow this to be logged by an agent.

To start using eSign, subscribe to the Residential LeasePack on the TPN Shop 


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