The ink has dried but nobody’s home!

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Beware the tenant who signs a lease and never moves in. Ensure your lease is effective and binding prior to occupation date!

The latest changes to the LeasePack are small but impactful! They allow the landlord significantly more time, should a tenant choose to vacate at the end of the lease to find a new tenant.

And once the new tenant has signed, the lease now comes into being on the ‘Effective Date’ which provides the surety of seamlessly rolling from one lease agreement into the next.

To download the latest version of the Residential LeasePack, visit the TPN Shop today.


Vacancy Survey 2023 Q3

The demand for residential rental property remains strong. Vacancies have declined nationally to 6.76% in the third quarter of 2023, the lowest since 2017. Despite a constrained economy, tenants have continued to meet their rental obligations with te…

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