What to do to secure a successful eviction

The TPN ‘Squatting Index’ is showing a worrying increase in the number of tenants that haven’t paid any rental for four or more consecutive months. Although these numbers have improved since our initial hard lock down period last year, tenant rental payment behaviour is mirroring the current economic challenges and putting property owners at risk.

The legal collections process, when followed correctly, can help you avoid a painful, costly and long eviction. Our legal team take you through the steps you need to follow when aiming for a successful cancellation and eviction:

Download the TPN Cancellation and Eviction Flowchart here: https://bit.ly/3AG3cGK

Vacancy Survey Report Q4 2023

The many challenges currently facing consumers, including the increased cost of living, has benefited the residential property investor and the various industries that support the overall residential rental market ecosystem. Rentals continue to grow,…

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