TPN Tenant Survey Report 2024

About the report

TPN’s third national residential tenant survey provides the property sector with insights into tenants’ needs, wants, aspirations, and challenges to ultimately serve your core market more effectively. Over 170 000 tenants were surveyed, and 19 000 completed responses were received, making this the largest holistic tenant survey in South Africa.

Key insights from the Report:

  • Tenant preferences: Lease structures with lower escalations and no deposits are in high demand. Tenants are motivated by a need for flexibility, concerns about debt, and political uncertainty.
  • Property features: Tenants first prioritise price, security, and then property size or space when selecting a rental home. Security is the top consideration for prospective buyers.
  • Tenant challenges: The biggest tenant challenge is landlords neglecting property maintenance and repairs, highlighting the importance of proactive property management.
  • Reasons for renting: Nearly half of respondents reported affordability as the main reason for renting, with factors like high interest rates and limited employment opportunities hindering homeownership.

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