Collect outstanding rent quickly and efficiently

Improve cash flow with a proven set of collection tools

Reduce costs and save on legal fees

Scalable and suitable for any size of organisation

rental collections

Need to ease the process of managing tenant payment behaviour?

The collections process associated with property management can be a daunting task. Collecting unpaid rent and navigating legal processes are difficult enough. As you’ll want to avoid legal proceedings at all costs, TPN can empower you with all the documents, tools and advice you need to ensure that payments are made on time and in full by your tenants, and that any debt collecting, or negative listings procedures, can be carried out as painlessly as possible.

A trusted partner to take away the burden of debt collection and legal processes

rental collections

A proactive way to encourage debt settlement

Provide a powerful incentive for tenants to make rental payments on time and in full. Motivate those in debt to settle what is outstanding. Tenants with a negative listing against their name will find it difficult to rent another property without first clearing their credit record.

rental collections

Legal documents that make an impact

Enforce your rights and protect your interests through legally compliant Letters of Demand and Cancellation.  The TPN Letter of Demand has an immediate impact on tenant payment behaviour and is the first step to loading a negative listing against a delinquent tenant.

rental collections

Compliance and ongoing legal advice

Remain compliant with the National Credit Act throughout the collections process and receive on-going support and expert legal advice from the TPN Legal Team.  Rest assured that our documents are recognised by the South Africa legal system.

Our collections service

Letters of Demand
Send legally binding compliant registered letters directly from the TPN System via post, email and SMS. Letters can be generated in bulk.
Lease termination
End lease agreements easily with a Letter of Cancellation that stands up in court.
Negative listings
Load negative (adverse) listings for free against non-paying tenants on TPN and TransUnion credit bureaux.
NCA Compliant
Choose from industry standard Letters of Demand delivered electronically and by regular or registered post (NCA Regulation 19(4) compliant).
Credit ratings
Reward positive rental payment behaviour with an improved credit rating.
Free legal advice
Gain access to the TPN Legal Team for free legal advice.
System integration
Automate Letters of Demand to be sent via SMS, email, and post directly from the TPN system.
History and reminders
Use the TPN Payment Profile to track tenant payment history and send payment reminders.
Industry insights
Get access to the latest TPN industry insights reports to track performance and set your collection objectives.

From Letter of Demand to Evicted

Having difficulties with problematic tenants? Check out the most recent TPN and SSLR Inc. webinar, where we will walk you through the entire process, from issuing a Letter of Demand to securing eviction.

NCA Approved

Registered with the NCR (NCRCB08), we are fully compliant with Section 73 of the NCA. Our trained staff will help you stay compliant as well.